Educational Blogs Dealing with Instructional Design

There are many educational blogs on the Internet that cover what tools to use, methods of “reaching out”, current trends, and what not to do.  I have selected some sites to follow as I venture through courses dealing with Instructional Design.

The Bamboo Project Blog

The Bamboo Project Blog is maintained by Michele Martin.  “This blog is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations use best practices and social media tools to construct life-long learning and career development systems. We are all knowledge workers who must continually respond to a rapidly-changing world. We cannot afford to remain professionally stagnant or isolated from others who could help us learn and grow.  New technologies empower us to take charge of our personal and professional growth in ways we’ve never experienced. I want to facilitate understanding about the role of social media in supporting career development and lifelong learning and empower people and organizations to develop the skills to use these resources.  I’m using this space to stimulate discussion on how social media transforms professional development and to share examples, tools and tips. In the process, I’m also modeling how I use social media for my own growth as a knowledge worker.”

The Upside Learning Solutions Blog

Upside Learning are the makers of UpsideLMS and UpsideAssess and use the blog as a form of advertisement for their products.  Intertwined with the advertisements are suggestions for online teaching.  I don’t know if I would ever want to use UpsideLMS, but the topics of HTML5 and Narratives for Engaging eLearning look insightful.  Judging by the plethora of archived articles,  the site seems to be maintained well.

Instructional Design & Development Blog

The is maintained by over a dozen people who blog about information on enhancing instruction through the use of technology.  The background of the bloggers is diverse and filled with students, former students, employees of DePaul University, and an award-winning film and video editor.

Experiencing E-Learning

Christy Tucker is an instructional designer who blogs about public school teaching, online learning, corporate training, and best fit web practices.  Her last few posts consisted of weekly bookmarks of other sites that offered great insight into using an LMS called Moodle and other education related topics.  One of the links on the list covered the topic of, “Instructional versus experiential design: do you have what it takes?”


One thought on “Educational Blogs Dealing with Instructional Design

  1. Hi Sanjay,

    Thanks to you very clear instructions I was able to add everyone to my RSS Feed and post the correct link to my blog. Distance learning is so evolved and it is hard for me to keep up with. I will follow your blog; I am sure I will learn a lot from you and your site. By the way I think your blog site is interesting and I like it.

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